White Wine Cocktails for Hot Summer Evening


Kir is a classic French aperitif made with dry white wine and topped with crème de cassis. The drink was named after Felix Kir (a Dijon mayor), who introduced it to the public at his receptions. This cocktail is also made in France with Bourgogne Aligote (white wine from Burgundy). Chablis is another popular option. Traditional Kir is served in a white wine glass. Add ice, berries (raspberries are good) or sliced lemon to your Kir. Tell your French friends.

You can switch to Kir Royale if you feel fancy or the occasion demands it. A Champagne variant of this cocktail is served in a flute.

We’re glad you asked. Add some crème de cassis to vanilla ice cream.

Wine spritzer

There are many wine-spritzer recipes available. You can also make your own. They make a great cocktail for a patio party. You can also enjoy a relaxing evening on your balcony. You can also spend an evening checking your email. Dry wine, such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Grenache Blanc, and club soda are the main ingredients in a wine-spritzer. You can replace club soda with sparkling water or even with (scandalous!) your favorite seltzer.

St-Germain spritzer

Technically, the classic St.Germain spritz requires dry sparkling wine. However, some people love it with Sauvignon Blanc. We are happy to share this option. St-Germain liqueur, or any other elderflower-based liquor, can be used. Mix dry white wine with club soda. Garnish the drink with fresh lavender or a wedge of lemon.

White wine slushie

White wine slushies are a crowd-pleaser and a quick-to-make, affordable summer drink. You can be as creative or lazy as you wish. The basic recipe requires a white Wine of your choice, simple syrup (or sugar) and ice. A flavored slushie is much more enjoyable. Blend in ripe white peaches and lemons. Even a cool layer slushie can be made like this.

White sangria

White sangria, another refreshing summer drink, is also available. This white wine cocktail can be sweet, fruity, or boozy. A sweeter Riesling, Moscato or other citrus-based white wine will work well as a base. Next, add the sliced green apples, orange and lemon wedges, and some fresh lime juice, sugar, and honey. Some recipes suggest you cheat and add store-bought orange wine, but please do not. You can make it stronger by adding a few shots of brandy (Calvados makes a great choice).

White wine punch

We hope you have the opportunity to make a big party a success again soon. Make a white wine punch. You can either follow a recipe or use the fruit, berries and liquor you have at home. GoPuff can even deliver your missing ingredients in just minutes.

One of our favorite drinks is a pear punch. Mix white wine, pear brandy ( absolute Pear) and your fruit of choice (pears or green apples). Add some ice. Voila!

Mulled white wine

This post was supposed to contain refreshing white wine cocktails. What about the people who love hot drinks all year? We love you; we see you. Some of us are like you. This is why we include this recipe for mulled wine.

It is not a great wine that makes mulled wine great. It is possible to make magical drinks with very inexpensive bottles. The fruit and spices that you use should be of high quality. You should ensure that the ginger and lemons are fresh and ripe. Use cinnamon sticks instead of ground cinnamon and dried clove buds over ground cloves. Good honey is best. Use light brown sugar if you are allergic to honey. It will be worth it!

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