Stand Up for Christchurch Comedy Fundraiser

Aucklanders have been showing their compassion in force over the past week as fundraising events have been cropping up here, there and everywhere. So it’s no surprise The Edge has got involved and planned a Comedy Fundraiser at Auckland City’s Civic. Stand Up for Christchurch takes place from 7-10pm on Tuesday 29th March. The event will be hosted by The Improv Bandits, and will feature comedians such as Ben Hurley, Paul Ego, Andrew Clay, Jan Maree, Wade Jackson and many more funny kiwi’s dedicated to raising money for The Christchurch Earthquake Relief fund.

So if you’re sitting at home fretting over what can be done, take a break from the stress and give relief to the people of Christchurch by staying positive, cracking a smile and hopefully a hearty chuckle or two. All proceeds will go to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund, and if all 2,200 tickets are sold Christchurch will receive $88,000!! Join forces with the comedians of New Zealand and help bring relief to those in Christchurch.

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