The Best Gameday Food & Beer Pairings

Two football days exist during the season: almost game day and game day. No game day is complete without delicious food and beverages while watching your favourite team play.

You know how important it is to have the best food and drinks available, whether watching your favourite college or professional team or keeping track of your fantasy football roster.

These snacks and drinks must meet certain criteria. They should be delicious. They should be fast. They should be simple. They must also be easily accessible when you are ready to watch the game.

We are experts in quick, delicious, and easy, especially when it comes to game day. We want you to enjoy the game day in your way, so we have compiled a list of some of our favourite beer and food pairings.

Pizza & Beer, Classic Gameday Food

Combining complementary talents can often lead to greatness. Montana and Rice. Aikman, Irvin. Brady and Gronk. Moon and Carter. Favre and Sharpe. You get the idea. Sometimes, a dynamic duo can be unstoppable. This is pizza and beer. Comfort food meets the ancient art that transforms rice, barley, and hops into beer. We’re happy to help you. Get some DiGiorno or Bud Light. Add some Funyuns.

Funyuns & Bud Light

This is a popular pairing of snacks and drinks. We’re giving it its category. People have spoken.

Bite and Brews: Beer’s best friend

Finger foods are just so satisfying. It’s great fun to fill up your stomach with them. You can eat a dozen and fill your plate with many different flavours.

You can wash it down with cold beer, amber, or stout. While watching the drama unfold on Olympus, the gods ate grapes. We love pizza and bagel bites. They’d be jealous; I have no doubt.

Snacks served with seltzer.

Another classic pairing is salsa and chips. You might also have seltzer fever and want to mix things up with a refreshing Seltzer. Maybe you prefer the autumn flavour of a hard Cider. We’ve got your back!

Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked and a Whole Lotta Hot Latte

These pairings work well at all times. These pairings are great for late-night games, such as college football on Saturday or professional football on Monday Night or Thursday Night Football. You could have a different Ben & Jerry’s flavour for every night game weekly and not get the same flavour twice. Spicy coffee will keep you awake all night. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Chicken dinner! Beer!

Buffalo chicken wings are second only to pizza in the Pantheon for game day food. We’re happy to serve wings as you prefer them, whether you are a fan of bone-in chicken wings or not. Pair your favourite sauce with the bright, bitter citrus notes of a great IPA and a malty beer, and you’re ready to get creative.

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