Make Mocktails Before January Drys

  • on August 16, 2022

Dry January is sticking around like red wine on chapped lips. If you are under stay-at home orders, it can take a while to go without alcohol. We salute you for making it this far. We have compiled a list with 10 delicious mocktails that will make you forget you drink alcohol. These mocktail recipes can be made tonight using Gopuff ingredients. They are ready in 30 minutes.

Margarita Mocktail

The best mocktails are able to restore the flavor lost when alcohol is removed. This margarita mocktail uses a tiny amount of pickle juice for a refreshing, sour taste. This cocktail is complex enough to be enjoyed in high school and classic cocktails.

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  • Fresh lime juice
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Maple syrup or simple syrup
  • Pickle juice (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Tonic water
  • Salt rim garnish and lime wheel garnish (optional).

Mojito Mocktail

To avoid them falling apart, most virgin versions of popular cocktails require some imagination. Mojito mocktails don’t fall under the category of these drinks. You can make a fake-jito by omitting the rum. The result is a drink with good balance between sweet, sour and herbal flavors. It’s not as complex as a mojito but it will bring back summer memories without you having to turn up the heat above 68 degrees.

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  • Fresh lime juice
  • Fresh mint
  • Simple syrup
  • Club soda and LaCroix sparkling wine

Sparkling Apple Cranberry Mimosa

Are you looking for simple mocktails to make? Martinelli’s sparkling apple and cranberry cider is combined with orange juice, cinnamon and a dash of sugar to make this alcohol-free mocktail. This is the perfect brunch mocktail because it can be made in just 60 seconds. That leaves you plenty of time for your pancake-batter creation.

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  • Martinelli’s sparkling Apple Cranberry Cider
  • Orange juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Optional orange peel garnish

Earl Grey Cobbler Moocktail

This Earl Grey cobbler mocktail is a copy of an original sherry cobbler recipe, which was published in The Bartender’s Guide 1862. The original recipe only required three ingredients: orange slices, sugar and sherry. This recipe substitutes sherry for Earl Grey, which has floral and citrus flavors. Because tea can be used in mocktail drinks, it is a great base because it can add the bitterness that you love in cocktails and archenemies.

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  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Simple syrup
  • Orange slices

Appletini Mocktail

This appletini mocktail, despite having no alcohol, somehow feels like a grown-up appletini. This is most likely due the absence of green apple syrup, which is a popular choice among college students. It’s also complex because it uses fresh lemon juice to balance the sweetness of the simple syrup and apple juice.

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  • Apple juice
  • Simple syrup
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Sugar rim, Apple Slice garnish

Orchard Mai Thai Mocktail

This spin is a twist on the classic Mai Tai. The Orchard Mai Tai is a cold-weather tiki drink that replaces rum and apple brandy. The Orchard Mai Tai mocktail replaces apple brandy with apple cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and ginger syrup. It warms your insides without alcohol or images of mama gorillas and their babies.

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  • Apple cider
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Ginger syrup
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Orgeat (almond-flavored sugar)
  • Apple slices to garnish (optional).

Cucumber, Lime & Elderflower Cooler

This cooler will be a hit with elderflower lovers who love St-Germain elderflower liquor. This drink is made with a virgin elderflower cordial, mint, cucumbers, and lime. It’s refreshing enough to be enjoyed while working from home.

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  • Elderflower cordial
  • Cucumbers
  • Club soda
  • Fresh limes
  • Fresh mint

Irish Coffee

Is Irish coffee not just coffee? No! This is coffee that has complex flavors and tastes. It’s similar to whiskey. The Irish coffee mocktail recipe uses a mixture of brown sugar, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and citrus juices. This coffee drink is fun and slightly fruity. You can make it even more enjoyable by adding a cocoa powder shrock.

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  • Coffee
  • Brown sugar
  • Orange juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Vanilla extract
  • Heavy cream
  • Optional: Cocoa powder as garnish
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