Ice Cream Spots In Auckland

Yup, summer is in full swing and with it comes the need to eat ice cold food on the beach, in parks, and when strolling down Auckland’s sunshine filled streets. But don’t just visit your regular ice cream parlours this summer, branch out and see what the rest of Auckland has to offer. Here are a few neat spots for getting that summer ice cream fix.

Giapo, Queen Street

With gelato choices for all diets, including options for vegans, as well as for those who are lactose and gluten intolerant, it’s no wonder Giapo’s is so popular.

Chocolate Boutique, Parnell

Chocolate Boutique is renowned for their chocolate range, but have you ever stayed for an ice cream? Indulge at one of Parnell’s most loved cafes.

Movenpick, Mission bay

European ice cream, coffee and desserts in a fabulously stylish and sophisticated setting. Enjoy the best ice cream in a hand-rolled waffle cone as you stroll along the beach.

Ollies, Royal Oak

American dining in Auckland comes in the form of Ollie’s. Known for its bold décor, arcade games and selection of sundaes, you’ll experience summer at its best thanks to their thick shakes, smoothies and of course delicious ice creams!

IStorm, Chancery Square

If you find yourself wandering down high street on a hot summer’s day, turn into Chancery Square for a cool treat. If you don’t plan on taking a stroll with your ice cream, iStorm has indoor and outdoor seating with games and puzzles on every table. It also has the best Milo ice cream you’ll ever taste!

Mr Whippy, selected Westfields

If the fake, light sort of ice cream is your thing (and hey, I’m not judging, I had one the other day) then you can’t go wrong with Mr Whippy. Plus it’s not often you can get away with having a chocolate flake, sprinkles and caramel sauce all on one ice cream! You can find Mr Wippys at the Pakuranga, St.Lukes, Manauka City and Sylvia Park Westfields. Also worth considering…..The Store at Café on Kohi has a brilliant gelato selection, so make sure you pop in before hitting the beach!

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