Energy Drinks and Snacks to Keep You Going

  • on August 16, 2022

Sometimes your body seems like it is running low on gas. It is difficult to concentrate and yawning can make it seem like an endless cycle.

Stop yawning! No yawning now.

You feel like you can’t get your head up no matter what you do, whether it be a cup of coffee or a pinch on your arm.

These energy-packed snacks and drinks will help you get back on track. These energy drinks and snacks are unstoppable, so you can stay energized for the day, your workout, or any other activity.

Red Bull, Ghost Pepper Almonds & Tomato

This fiery and sour combo is perfect for when you feel like you are in a slump. Red Bull’s semi-sour taste combined with the heat from Blue Diamond Fiery Ghost Pepper Almonds will make you feel energized to conquer your afternoon.

Yerba Mate and Veggie Snacks

This is the combination to reach for if your energy levels are low at work.

yerbamate may be the right choice for you if traditional energy drinks don’t appeal to you. The leaves of a South American tree that produces yerba-mate are high in caffeine. This makes it a stimulating and energizing beverage. You may be able to use it to aid in weight loss and digestion.

Choose a light salted vegetable snack that is packed with fiber to keep your mind and body occupied throughout the day or night.

Bang Energy Drinks & Trail Mix

Although the name may make you think of a crash this sugar-free energy drink isn’t hard to swallow. Bang Energy drinks are a favorite among gym-goers. They’re loaded with vitamins, essential amino acid and lots of caffeine to help you get through even the most difficult reps.

You can keep your energy up while you wait for the gym’s squat rack to open. After a hard workout, replenish your energy.

Sunflower Seeds and Game Fuel

Mtn Dew Game fuel and sunflower seeds can be a powerful combination to help you get to the next level of Call of Duty. You can enjoy this quick snack while waiting for your friends to catch up or in between lives. It will also keep you awake and alert until you beat the game.

Celsius Energy Drinks and Almonds

This combo is a great choice if you are looking for a healthier option. This snack will not only give you the heart-health benefits from almonds and dark chocolat, but it will also keep you full and satisfied.

This combination with Celsius’s sparkling fruity flavors makes for a refreshing and indulgent way to get through the most difficult days.

Energy, a Banana

Sometimes life happens and you may need to have energy quickly. This combination of energy and speed will keep you moving quickly. Take a 5-hour Energy drink and eat a banana to get a boost of potassium, caffeine and complex carbs.

Coke Cherry Energy, Dark Chocolate

You have yet to try the sweet combination cherries and chocolate. Coke Cherry Energy’s sweet, tart flavor and the subtle bitterness that comes from dark chocolate will awaken your tastebuds.

Monster Java & Quest Chocolate Brownie

The combination of a coffee-flavored energy drink with a chocolate brownie packs a punch and lots of protein without having to use a knife or a fork. This combo is a great way to refuel and keep you full until you can take on the day.

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