Beer pairings with Halloween candy

You’re probably too old to trick or treat if you are over 21. But that’s okay. Candy doesn’t care about your age. Candy will support you regardless of your age, no matter how small or large, whether you are enjoying 100 mini chocolate bars just for yourself or stealing your children’s treats after a night of trick-or-treating.

Adults have many options for candy acquisition, including candy and other candy bars. But, you can also add a pint to your candy intake. Gopuff also offers beer delivery which makes it easier to match the right beer with your candy. *

While there is no one right way to combine beer and candy, there are some guidelines you can follow. These are some tips to help you create a winning combination for your Halloween treat.

  • Flavor Strongly flavored treats are often a good match for other strong-flavored beverages. A chocolate-covered caramel treat such as Snickers goes well with a milk stout or chocolatey caramel beer. There are situations where opposites can attract. There are many ways to combine booze and candy, but there is no one right way.
  • Mouthfeel Some drinks are creamy and buttery, while others pack a punch. Pair velvety candies such as caramels and chocolate with thick, creamy drinks. Sour candies are best paired with a high-carbonated beverage.
  • Intensity Combine intensely flavored candy with strongly flavored beverages to double the fun, or use a neutral beverage to balance out high-octane candies.

Do you prefer a glass of wine? These are our top Halloween candy wine pairings.

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate pairs well with heavier, richer beverages such as stout. Here are some ways to pair your Halloween chocolates with beer

Snickers, Stout

Snickers’ famous combination of peanuts, chocolate, and caramel makes it a strong drink. Guinness and other dry stouts are well-known for their creamy sweetness and chocolatey sweetness. They will elevate your Snickers experience.

Twix, White Beer

White beer’s clove and banana notes enhance the caramel shortbread flavor of Twix bars. You can also try pairing it with Kit Kats if you don’t like caramel. The crunchy wafer can complement the white beer notes.

Hershey’s Cookies N’ Creme and Pale Ale

A pale ale is often referred to as the “world’s most delicious beer”. Its toasty malts, bright hops, and floral aromas will cleanse your palate after you indulge in this sweet treat. Please, more candy.

Beer Pairings For Candy Lovers

A lighter, more fruity libation is often needed for sweet and sour candy. Here are some ways to pair sweet and sour candy with your beer buddy.

Sour Potato Kids and Pilsner

The refreshingly sweet and tart flavors of citrus and carbonation from pilsner balance the famous tartness of Sour Patch Kids.

Nerds Rope, American Lager

Nerds Rope’s fruity flavors pair well with classic American ales that have a malty sweetness and hoppy kick.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, and IPA

These candies are intense and require a strong beverage. These sour gummies are delightfully balanced by the bitter, floral flavor of traditional IPAs.

Gushers and Cider

This classic, juicy candy is no longer just for the lunchbox. Gushers are enhanced by tart, dry apple ciders. You get bonus points for being gluten-free.

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