According to dietitians, the worst alcoholic beverages for high blood pressure are those that contain alcohol.

  • on September 5, 2022

High blood pressure can be very frustrating, especially if you love your favourite foods and beverages. There are many ways to manage your blood pressure while enjoying the foods and drinks you love.

High blood pressure patients should limit alcohol consumption. If your doctor has permitted you to consume alcohol, it is important to limit the amount. Please continue reading to find out their top picks for high blood pressure. You can also visit The Worst Affective Beverages for Blood Sugar.

Mixing soda with drinks

Mixing soda with coke, whiskey or vodka and sprite is a delicious way to enjoy a tasty drink that’s also affordable. However, they may not be the best choice for high blood pressure.

There is evidence that sugary drinks can increase blood pressure. Sodas are high in added sugar. If you combine alcohol with sugar-sweetened beverages, your blood pressure can be higher,” states registered dietitian Kaleigh McMordie.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys have become a popular brunch option, but even though many people assume they are healthier due to the vegetables, it is not always the case for high blood pressure patients.

McMordie says that Bloody Marys contain a lot of sodium due to the tomato juice and pickled garnishes. This can cause high blood pressure in people who are sensitive to sodium.

Dessert Cocktails

Although dessert cocktails can be a great post-dinner treat, those with high blood pressure might want to consider something else.

“Any dessert cocktail that includes ice cream such as a grasshopper or mudslide are going to have high levels of saturated fat which can exacerbate symptoms associated with high blood pressure,” Mabel Lee RDN CDCES, a registered dietitian and co-founder of The Nutrition Queens.


Margaritas make a great summertime snack, especially with friends or at the beach. You’ll need to ensure your blood pressure is controlled by choosing something with less sodium and added sugars.

A margarita’s salty rim and sugary mix can cause high blood pressure. McMordie says to ask for no salt on your rim and instead order a classic margarita made with real lime juice. This is because it is lighter on the sweetener so you can have less sugar.

Dirty martini

“Dirty martinis are primarily alcohol-based. This means that they have a higher alcohol content than lower ABV beverages. McMordie says they often contain high-sodium olive salt, increasing blood pressure.

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