The Best Restaurant Tasting Experiences In Every State

  • on September 5, 2022

Even if you don’t eat at award-winning restaurants, restaurants offer tasting experiences. These dining experiences let you try multiple items on the same menu at one price or offer a chef-curated meal that includes multiple courses, not on other menus. As foodies, many people look for tasting experiences to show what chefs can do without being limited by a menu. These are the top-tasting experiences you should try in your state or wherever you might be travelling over the next few years.

Tasting is a Friday-only supper club in Hoover, Alabama. It offers a tasting menu and a table at a shared table. The chef’s plans and seasonality determine the weekly menu.

ALASKA: Seven Glaciers of Girdwood

Seven Glaciers offers a four-to-five-course chef’s menu of native Alaskan ingredients and proteins. A wine tasting is included as part of the tasting experience.

ARIZONA – LON’s Restaurant at Paradise Valley

LON’s restaurant at Hermosa Inn offers a seasonal tasting menu that changes throughout the year. The past menu items include ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms and a tomato-watermelon salad.

ARKANSAS: Ciao Baci in Little Rock

Ciao Baci, a Little Rock restaurant serving eclectic cuisine, is open daily. The chef will create a 5-course tasting menu each night based on the preferences of diners and the order in which they want the meal to be consumed. This meal costs only $45, which is a great deal.

CALIFORNIA: Providence, Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many fine dining options, but Providence is the best for a tasting experience. The house-made Hawaiian chocolate ends the tasting menu with fresh seafood.

COLORADO – Rioja in Denver

Colorado’s food scene has exploded, and Rioja is one place worth visiting to taste Colorado’s cuisine. Although menus can’t be shared online before dinner, you can request a tasting session once you’ve been seated in the restaurant.

CONNECTICUT – Olea in New Haven

Olea is a New Haven restaurant that specializes in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. For just $70, you can enjoy a multi-course chef’s tasting experience from Tuesday to Thursday. Wine pairings are also available.

DELAWARE: Wilmington CIRO Food and Drink

CIRO food and drink is a casual restaurant where the chef uses hand-selected ingredients. Most of these ingredients are from Delaware farms. You can choose to have four courses for $49 or a larger multi-course experience that costs $99; however, you will pay $49.

FLORIDA: Kabooki Sushi in Orlando

Many restaurants in Orlando offer tasting menus, but none are as good as the Omakase experience at Kabuki Sushi. This chef-driven, 17-course experience takes diners on an adventure through Japan as they try traditional street food, fresh nigiri and Japanese A5 Wagyu.


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