Love a Daiquiri? These are 15 Rum Drinks You Should Try Next

  • on March 15, 2023

This versatile spirit is integral to many of our favorite sweet, bitter, bitter, and frozen cocktails.

Everyone’s view of “essential” regarding cocktails is likely to differ. When it comes to classic cocktails made with white or dark Rum, most people think of a refreshing, minty Mojito, a sweet and tart Daiquiri, or a frozen Pina Colada. Our editors love Rum, but we also enjoy Rum as a companion to amaro in The Malaguena and as a sweet alternative to Aperol in Aperol Spritz. Here are 15 rum drinks you will want to include in your home bartending arsenal.

Mai Tai

If your only Mai Tai was a pink one, you have never had a Mai Tai.


Sababa cocktails were created to celebrate Hanukkah. They use a secret ingredient, tahini, for a balanced taste and round, creamy mouthfeel.

Winter Mojito

Anh Ngo, the bartender at Kata Robata Houston’s Winter Mojito (playfully called Ho-Ho-Jito), is a twist on a traditional mojito. The simple syrup is infused with rosemary and sage, which adds a savory flavor. Dark spiced Rum, instead of the white Rum used in classic mojitos, gives the drink a richer flavor. The final touches to transform a summery mojito into a warm, winter drink are the mint, rosemary, and sage garnishes.

Aruba Ariba

This classic rum punch can be enjoyed overlooking Palm Beach at Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. It was invented by Juan “Jocky”, a bartender, 59 years ago. This vibrant Aruban cocktail is a beautiful deep orange-red color thanks to the sweet and syrupy grenadine. This drink is a mix of vodka, white Rum, and crème de Banan. It doesn’t have strong alcohol, but it stays fruity, mellow, and not as strong.

Watermelon Daiquiri

Marc Farrell, the founder of Ten to One distillery, gives the blend-and-sip cocktail a burst of cool melon flavor by using fresh watermelon juice. However, you can also use store-bought juice. This rum drink is perfect for margarita fans, as it has a salty rim that balances tart lime juice and sweet agave syrup. It can also be made with leftover juice for eight people.

Black Manhattan

Marc Farrell, Ten to One Rum’s founder, shared his recipe for the Manhattan. This rich, layered cocktail showcases the smooth caramel and butterscotch flavors of dark Rum. This simple cocktail is balanced by the subtle herbal notes of Averna Amaro Siciliano.

Aperol Spritz and White Rum

This white rum-spiked Aperol Spitz has a mildly spicy poblano liquor and tangy passionfruit liqueur. It adds delicious complexity. White Rum’s pleasant heat adds a refreshing touch to this summer favorite. You can choose your fizz. Use club soda for the spirit and liqueurs to shine through. Or, add a splash of sparkling water to soften the tartness of the drink to make it more mellow.

Miami Vice

This daiquiri colada mashup is elevated by frozen canned pineapple and bitters-infused strawberry.

Buttered Rum

This rich, velvety drink is perfect for sipping on cool nights. Slowly heat the butter and cream until the mixture is smooth. Next, whisk in the dark brown sugar. Finally, add the spiced Rum, salt, and a Moroccan spice mixture. This will create a delicious, richly-flavored batch of drinks that is perfect for entertaining.

Rum Negroni

Marc Farrell, Ten to One’s founder and CEO, has created a rum-based version of a Negroni that takes the traditional bitter drink in a refreshingly fruity direction. Gran Classico Bitter is a sweet-bitter mix of bitter and sweet. The 25 aromatics in Gran Classico Bitter add warmth and depth to the citrusy drink. Each sip also contains fresh grapefruit peel fragrances that highlight white Rum’s floral, clean finish.


The three-ingredient Daiquiri classic is delicious and long-lasting because of its simplicity.


Coquito, also known as “little coconut,” refers to a traditional Puerto Rican creamy rum punch that is served during Christmas and the winter holidays.


Although this chocolatey, caffeinated drink may look like a regular milkshake, it packs a powerful, boozy punch.


High-quality ingredients can shine through the simplicity of the Mojito. To elevate the Mojito, choose a quality rum like Ten to One that has been thoughtfully prepared. Pair it with fresh squeezed lime juice and all-natural simple syrup. This highball is great for afternoon sipping and can be topped off with bubbly water.

Pina Colada

Coconut milk adds richness to the sweet-tart frozen pineapple chunks. It also gives this lighter version of classic pina coladas a creamy texture. To recombine coconut liquids with coconut cream, shake the coconut milk can vigorously before opening it.

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