Guide to our Favorite Fall Beers & Ciders

The arrival of fall means that seasonal ciders and beers are back in stock. Apple cider is a classic fall flavour, along with pumpkin spice everything. Sometimes, you want a pumpkin spice milk latte or any other classic fall drink. Sometimes you want a good brewski. Craft brewers are a great choice for autumn beer and cider lovers. Downeast Pumpkin Blend unfiltered cider is brewed with a mix of pumpkin and apple and finished with chai spices. This pumpkin spice cider is great but doesn’t get too sweet. This is a balanced brew. The badass label first catches your attention. Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale is rich and malty. The award-winning Dead Guy Ale is brewed as a German Maibock. It’s also available throughout the year. The video below will give John Maier, the brewer, his perspective on this incredibly good ale.

Redd’s Wicked Apple ale is a strong and delicious offering, weighing in at 8% ABV. Redd’s Wicked Apple is balanced without being too sweet or dry. It has a refreshing, crisp finish. This cider has a bit of sweetness and a kick for those who want something different and lots of flavours. Blake’s El Chavo Mango & Habanero is a bold move in hard ciders. This could have easily gone wrong. It’s not difficult to see. Blake’s has proved its hard cider expertise by creating El Chavo with the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Angry Orchard’s Crisp apple, their original hard cider, is probably something you’ve heard. This naturally gluten-free hard cider is a timeless classic. Cider with class and sass. A great IPA is a wonderful way to bring some of the summer citrusy freshness into the cooler fall months. Voodoo Ranger IPA has fruity citrus hops with a malty toasted finish. It is a great brew to help you transition from summer into winter.

Conshohocken (say it three times fast!) Conshohocken has created an IPA that combines the sweetness of blood orange with the bitter hops and the warmth and flavour of the grains. This brew is balanced and well-rounded, offering a wide range of deliciousness.

Try pairing it with Vegan Eggplant Parmesan ( Recipe), Sweet Sriracha Chicken Breast Skewers, or the other spice power.

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